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Carpe noctem

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Oh god. Oh god, are you okay? Tell me you’re okay. I hate to think of you suffering without me. Why would you do something like that to yourself? You’d rather… Rather die than be with me? Then die.

Eddie’s look was very old fashioned so to modernize it, we used a short sleeve polo and a skinnier leg in the black pants. We did keep the blue bow tie, but instead of a vest we dressed it down a bit with a blue cardigan. As a replacement for his gloves, I chose a black watch with blue detailing. Finally, the black bag and black oxfords add a hint of vintage style to complete this look. 

{Look like Eddie!}

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We understand the lights above the Arby’s… we understand so much. But the sky behind those lights - mostly void, partially stars - that sky reminds us we don’t understand even more. 

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